The Story

He began his musical journey busking on the quiet streets of listless Port Macquarie before moving to Newcastle at the age of 14. Fast forward 13 years, with a handful of life lessons and soul searching, Lo Monaco is both humbly and serendipitously grateful he had personal circumstances, that in return catapulted him into the world of music.

Lo Monaco has developed a great desire to write and produce music that holds deep meaning and substance, both lyrically and melodically. 
 He pulls from emotional life experiences to curate songs that show his vulnerability and that take the listener on a journey of the heart. “My goal is to create my own definitive sound that my listeners not only know and love, but ultimately resonate with.”

Although the nascent singer songwriter is still early in his career, he has a long list of evocative originals that he plans to bring to life, in such a way that his vision and story is shared to all corners of the world.

“I consider myself very much an experiential artist – someone who needs to both physically and emotionally experience something before writing.” – Lo Monaco